Heart Your Fruits and Veggies – Don’t Refrigerate!

The Korean artist Jihyun Ryou has done something simple, beautiful and smart in the world of food technology. You don’t have to plug anything in nor do you have to buy any preserving ¬†or de-ripening chemicals.

Jihyun Ryou's food storage design

In her blog SaveFoodFromTheFridge, Ryou shows you that knowing a little something about the hydrocarbon ethylene, the hormone that is produced by certain fruits and vegetables that make them ripen and age, can work with other fruits and vegetables to slow the aging process. She also explains “chilling injury”, a result of what can happen to certain vegetables in the refrigerator. By creating Ryou’s simple designs in your own home, foods last longer and are safe from some of the negative effects of keeping plant foods in the refrigerator.

Keep Your carrots and leeks upright

“Bring your food in front of your eyes”.

Ryou’s art project is a celebration of the visual and practical. With these simple boxes she has created both an artistic work that is visually beautiful and provides a real function for the home and the environment. Accompanying her art/design project is a beautiful book that explains her process and is complete with charming sketches of her designs.

The Youtube video below is an interview with the artist. Watch this while I go and buy some wood and plexiglass to make some of these boxes myself.